Organizational Information
Title of Leader Director
Governing Body Regency
Other Positions -Syndicate Paladin
-Syndicate Bishop
-Syndicate Knight
-Syndicate Rook
-Syndicate Pawn
Branches -Syndicate Journeyman
-Syndicate Scribe
-Syndicate Lancer
-College Proctor
Headquarters Sanctuary on Colossus
Other Locations -Old Sanctuary
Official Languages Old English
Affiliations -Unified Federation
-Corporation (formerly)
Sacred Texts The Principles
Deities -God
-The Four Tabernacles
Artifacts/Relics Old Holocrons
Ceremonies -Testament
-The Truth
Historical Information
Formed from -New Deian Order
-One Tenebrae
Date of Founding -c. 6690 (Second Age)
-c. 4190 (Age of Peace)
-c. 1138 (Fourth Age)
World of Founding Israel
Founder(s) -The Fathers
-the Director
The Syndication is an ancient organization of Conduits dedicated to the monitoring of the galaxy and protection and preservation of justice in the Federation. The Syndication was born from the long desired unification of the New Deian Order and the One Tenebrae in an effort to restore the Children of Statera- restoring the balance to the spectrum.

The Syndication was originally the guardians of the Unified Federation- the successor to the Unified New Republic, however the Federation became dissillusioned after the Second Civil War and became replaced with their brother organization the Corporation. After leaving the Federation, they were allowed to remain allies and still preserve justice in the galaxy in any way they could without interfering with the Corporation.

The Corporation was beginning to behave strangely around their once-dear friends, giving alarm to the Syndication's leaders, the Regency, and they started holing up on a hidden world on the edge of the Pinwheel galaxy called Colossus. Soon after, the Corporation declared them enemies of the public and the Federation, and slaughtered a number of them, forcing the Syndication into hiding, abandonning their Sanctuary and Institiute of Syndication and going into hiding, only emerging in extreme circumstances.