New Deian Order
Organizational Information
Title of Leader Grand Master
Governing Body High Consulate
Other Positions -High Master
-Deian Master
-Deian Knight
-Deian Neophyte
-Deian Rook
Branches -Everest Clan
-Alvarez Clan
-Bennett Clan
-Deian Consular
-Deian Guardian
-Deian Paladin
Headquarters Grand Fortress on Israel
Other Locations -Dinas Amgau Citadel
-Citadel on Chrysafen
-Citadel on Rodina
-Citadel on Exxel
Official Languages -Galactic English
Affiliations Unified New Republic
Sacred Texts New Olympian Philosophy
Deities -God
-The Will
Artifacts/Relics Holocrons
Ceremonies -Rejuvination
-Trials of Knighthood
-The Voyage
-The Calling
-Intiance Ceremony
Historical Information
Date of Founding -c. 2500 (Second Age)
-c. 0001 (Age of Peace)
World of Founding Tudinem
Founder(s) Joseph Everest XI
Date of Fragmentation -c. 6696 (Second Age)
-c. 4196 (Age of Peace)
-c. 1138 (Fourth Age)
The New Deian Order was the restored and reformed Deian Order after the Final War of the Equilibrium.


Disappearance and the Syndication

Failed efforts toward Restoration

"If there are any Alvarez's out there, they could be the key to rebuilding the Deian Ord-"
"No! There shall be no discussion of this"
"But if we could bring them back, they would be they key to ending the conflict!"
"As I said no! There is no way of restoring the Deia, no way to rebuild, no hope of finding them! The Deia are extinct, their fire has left the universe..."
Bennet Nicolas and Allistair Sansky
Even with the existence of the Syndication, there were many who longed for the protection, stability, and conscientiousness that the Deian Order instilled in the citizens of the Republic, and then later the Federation. Over the years, many believed that the Deia were never truly gone, that they were in hiding somewhere in the Atalanta Galaxy, were in a self-imposed exile, or, perhaps, had returned to the Milky Way Galaxy to help rebuild the worlds that had been lost in the Catastrophe.



New Olympian locations