Joseph Everest XI
Name -Joseph Nicolas Everest XI
-Joseph Everest, Eleventh of the Name
Biological Information
Race High Elf
Conduit Prime (Promethean)
Born 2465
Died between 4500 and 6500
Age 2000+
Homeworld Amethyst
Physical Description
Gender Male
Eye Color Sky blue
Hair Color Platinum blonde
Skin Color Bronze
Blood Type O+
Professional Information
Affiliation -Olympian Order
-New Olympian Order
Position -Olympian Knight
-Grand Master
Known Masters Joseph Everest VI
Known Apprentices Several
Personal Information
Parents -Joseph Everest X
-Rae Everest
Children Judah Everest
Other Relatives The Everest Clan
Powers Power Bestowal/Creation
Joseph Everest XI was a High Elf man who defeated the Imperial Remnants and found the New Olympian Order.