Grand Master was a title used in both the Old and New Olympian Orders to describe the recognized head of the Order.


Known Grand MastersEdit

Grand Masters of the Olympian Order
Generation Name Length of Term
1st Brutus Agathon 316 B.C.-A.D. 2010
2nd Joseph Everest VI 2010-2013
3rd Charlemange Frunda 2013-2030
4th Joseph Everest VI 2030-2062
5th Joseph Everest VII 2062-2085
6th Joseph Everest VI 2085-2485
7th Julius Everest A.D. 2485-100 A.P.
8th Joseph Everest XI 100-1025
9th Clinton Werner 1025-2450
10th Griffith Narcen 2450-2825
11th Garreth Royce 2825 A.P.-544 F.A.