Bennet Nicolas
Name -Joseph Bennet
-Joseph Everest XXIV
Biological Information
Race Human
Conduit Prime (Lux)
Born April 15, 665 P.A.
Age 35
Homeworld Effigies
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 184 cm (6'0.5")
Weight 95 kg (210 lbs)
Eye Color Forest green
Hair Color Coffee brown
Skin Color Tan
Blood Type B-
Professional Information
Affiliation -Corporation
Position -Colonel
-Syndicate Bishop
Known Masters Martin Reynolds
Personal Information
Parents -Brandon Bennet
-Daphnea Bennet
Powers Power Replication
Bennet Nicolas, born as Joseph Nicolas Bennett, is a Human male who once served as a Colonel in the Corporation. He is a member of the Bennett Clan, one of the last remaining Noble Conduit Clans in the galaxy, and is also the 136th generation Alpha Prime. After discovering the truth behind the origins of the Corporation, he defected from the organization and sought out the remnants of the New Olympian Order, now known as the Syndication, following in the footsteps of his ancestors before him when he became a Syndicate Bishop. He later decided to embrace his true heritage as a descendant of the Everest Clan by going by his true name, Joseph Everest XXIV.






Powers and Abilities



Preceded by
135th generation
136th generation Alpha Prime
684 P.A.-Present
Succeeded by


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